Cooperación Ortopédica
Americano Nicaragüense

Mission Teams

Our “mission teams” travel to Nicaragua 4 times a year. Trips typically last one week and have a set of specific goals to be completed. Each trip includes up to 16 participants, which normally includes an experienced trip leader.

Medical Teams consist of healthcare professionals with a background in Orthopaedic Surgery, Anesthesiology, OR nursing, Physical or Occupational Therapy. Generally you will be assigned to the clinic and OR. Pre-trip meetings provide an orientation and specific trip objectives. Those with medical Spanish skills are particularly needed.

Construction Teams are open to anyone with an open mind and willingness to work hard. Your individual role will be providing hands-on support with indigenous personnel. We work with the hospital facilities, painting, repairing, and rebuilding the patient wards.

What are the costs associated with each trip?

We have worked hard to ensure accommodations are safe and clean. The cost is $1,800 per person. This price includes coach airfare, customs fees, all in-country transportation costs, food and lodging. Incidental expenses for souvenirs, telephone calls, etc. are considered a personal expense. Some volunteers pay for their trip expenses out-of-pocket, while others acquire sponsors to help fund their trip. Either way is fine with us!

The trip fee is 100% tax deductible.