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Cooperación Ortopédica
Americano Nicaragüense

COAN has continued to grow and thrive with the continuous help from doctors, nurses, therapists, volunteers, friends and family. October will be the 13th anniversary of this wonderful organization and we can’t wait to share with you all that has happened and all that we hope to accomplish in the future! We appreciate your support as we try to make a difference for the

people of Nicaragua.

January 2017

A great trip that accomplished a lot for the OR and infrastructure

Our Mission

“ My life was enhanced forever when I had the opportunity to 'pay it forward'. The people of Nicaragua are so friendly, gracious, and appreciative. I just always wish I could do more. Personally, I have gotten back much more from volunteering with COAN than I ever put in!"


Nan S.

COAN Volunteer

  • April 15th - April 22nd 2017
  • October 14th- October 21st 2017
  • January 20th - January 27th 2018

The Lives We Impact


 September 2016

Dr. Jessica Hirschhorn joins the Board of Directors

To change the healthcare of a nation by People helping People

May 2016

Dr. Edwards and COAN were featured in Walter Magazine's article "Doctors' Doing Good" http://www.waltermagazine.com/doctors-doing-good/


"Thanks COAN for all your support. I finished my residency in March 2014, since my first year of residence I appreciate all your help for our patients, all your learning for us in the class and the operating room. THANKS to support our trip to participate in the conference SIGN in 2013, it was THE FIRST TIME and was an opportunity to expose the work in our hospital and opened the door to participate each year in this conference. THANKS ONE MORE TIME."

Eduardo A.

Rosales Resident